Rules of presentation for the conference proceedings

The volume of materials - from 3 to 8 pages (in case of exceeding this norm it is necessary to contact the Organizing Committee). Reports can be performed in MS Word or LaТеХ (version 2.09 or 2e).

Execution of documents in LaTeX

The sample in the attached file.

Execution of documents in MS Word

The sample in the attached file.

Execution of literature

The sample in the attached file.

In Word , materials are typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt. Page layout: left and right margins - 2 cm, upper - 3 cm, lower - 3.5 cm.

All formulas included (inside the text) and off (on a separate line) should be typed in the formula editor: Microsoft Equation or MathType (style and size - factory).


General requirements

1. Formula numbers are given in parentheses to the right.

2. Figures and tables are numbered. The titles of figures and tables should be short but not abbreviated.

3. The title of the figure is located below the in the center, the title of the table is located above the table on the right side.

4. Figures should be of good quality and presented additionally in separate files in the format *.eps or *.tif. (both for files typed in Latex, and for files typed in Word). Figure captions should not be included in the figure.

5. In the text of the article references to figures, tables should be made, for example, as follows:
... animation of the double mathematical pendulum motion is shown in fig. 1 or (see fig. 1) is shown in fig. 1 or (see fig. 1)
... the results of calculations are presented in table. 1
It is undesirable to make links "... the calculation results are presented below", as when making a table, figures can be shifted, for example, to the bottom of the page. 

6. When typing, you should distinguish between hyphens and dashes (it is recommended to use a short dash).

At the end of the article it is necessary to specify information about the authors of the scientific article:

1. Full name;
2. Academic degree, academic title;
3. Post (for example, associate professor of information technology department);
4. Workplace;
5. E-mail;
6. Contact number.

For students, undergraduates and post-graduate students also provide information about the supervisor.

Reports should be sent from September 1 to October 15, 2019.

The conference proceedings will be published by the opening of the conference.

The procedure and rules for the execution of the article for a scientific journal, indexed in the Web of Science or Scopus.


Attention! The information below is subject to change. Follow the updates on the website.